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Invited Collaborators

When we established GBworks we knew we wanted to be able to showcase our own work and the work of other emerging voices. We also knew we wanted to work collaboratively with these voices whenever possible. Our Invited Collaborators are the artists we have invited to make work on and with us so far!

Ariana Daub
Ariana by Cheryl Mann.jpg
Originally from New York, Ariana relocated to Los Angeles and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from CalArts in 2012. Ariana has had the pleasure of creating and performing with Los Angeles artists and organizations, such as HomeLA, Szalt dance company, Stephanie Nugent, Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY, and Jordan Saenz. ⁠
Jay Yule
Jay Yule 1.jpg
Jay Yule is a freelance dance artist and choreographer originally from Edinburgh, now based in London. Allowing the body to be free of the often-judgemental mind and leaving inhibitions behind is an important step in her creative process. Unpacking this relationship can reveal less conventional ways of moving, a territory she finds much more exciting to work within. The content of her work is influenced by feminist philosophies, is of an existential nature and attempts to re-address the audience and performer relationship. She has collaborated with various visual, sound and dance artists such as Lana Murdochy, Charlotte Mclean, Tommy Cattin and Andrew Marriott. These works have been performed at Siobhan Davies Dance, London Contemporary Dance School, The Blue Elephant Theatre, The Performance Bar (Rotterdam) and the Laban Theatre.

Featured Artists

Meet the artists we've had the pleasure of supporting through our performance series Rising Tides:

Amy Toner

Sliding Doors

Lexi Wells

Jay Yule

Grace Keeble with

Alive Contemporary Dance Co.

Ariana Daub

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