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I'm Still Here

is a triple bill of new dance works from three female choreographers. Placing location physically, mentally, and emotionally at the root of its investigation, this show endeavours to question our ever changing relationship to place and location, featuring:

and the wind – choreographed and performed by Gwynne Bilski

Fourteen years ago, I plucked a sprig of heather from a hillside in the Outer Hebrides. I still have the heather, but everything else is missing. Everything else is a fading memory.

Nostalgic, and joyful in its contemplation on how our memory preserves and alters experiences, and the wind celebrates the ways in which we are drawn back to specific moments in time and place, and what those moments mean to us.

turn it on, turn it off – choreographed and performed by Gianna Burright

A dancer, a woman, a human being searches for alternative modes of understanding and closure. Emerging from a traumatic experience of abrupt detachment, in turn it on, turn it off, we witness the performer remember, relive, and reclaim, things she never got the chance to say – but on her terms, and on the terms of her body.

Kore – choreographed by Ariana Daub, performed by Gianna Burright and Gwynne Bilski
explores the dynamic and ever shifting relationships between women through a feminist re-telling of the Persephone & Demeter myth. Through movement exploring the dualism of the mother-daughter relationship and how we find oneness and separation between those two roles we explore the archetypes of the Greek goddesses and their impact on how we have grown to view separation, trauma, and coexistence.

Gwynne Bilski (photos Sid Scott)-124.jpg
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