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GBworks is Gianna Burright and Gwynne Bilski in collaboration with a series of artists, invited to make work on and/or with them.  Gwynne and Gianna are both choreographers with their own respective practices, each making movement-based work deeply rooted in autobiographical experience. Together they create and/or curate work through a feminist lens, engaged in conversations that prioritize collaboration, equality, and openness. The formation of GBworks was instigated by Gianna and Gwynne's desire to create ongoing platforms to showcase their own work while also supporting and presenting the work of other female, female identifying, and non-binary emerging artists.


Gianna Burright 

Gianna Burright is a Californian dance artist and choreographer.

At Laban she was a Leverhulme scholar and the recipient of the Lesley-Anne Sayers Research Award. Gianna has showcased her work in England, Wales, Italy, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Greece and the United States, including locations such as the Turner Contemporary Gallery, Bonnie Bird Theatre and Resolutions Dance Festival at The Place. 

Her choreographies tend to have a stylized, abstract aesthetic with a strong interest in feminism through an existential mind-set. Gianna is currently performing and creating her own work and is passionate about both creativity, education, collaboration and dance within the museum spaces.


Gwynne Bilski  

Gwynne is a Scottish-based Canadian artist and choreographer working primarily in performance and installation, with a focus on place and personal geography. Having trained formally in visual arts, creative writing, and dance, Gwynne’s current work is founded in contemporary movement practices with strong influence from literary and  conceptual art practices.

Gwynne is currently developing a new solo work supported by The Work Room in Glasgow, Citymoves in Aberdeen, and Excalibur Theatre Arts co in Prince George, northern British Columbia.

Invited Artists

Ariana Daub

Kore                                            2019

A new duet created on and for Gianna and Gwynne and premiering as part of I'm Still Here.

Jay Yule

invited for a new collaboration. Research and development to start August 2019

Rising Tides
Featured Artists

Ariana Daub

Jay Yule

Sliding Doors

Amy Toner

Grace Keeble with Alive Contemporary Dance Company

Lexi Wells


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